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Brew Masterclass!

Learn how to brew beer quick and easy with an all inclusive brewing masterclass! Whether you're online or in the store with us, you'll receive 1 on 1 attention throughout the entire brewing process. This makes for a GREAT date night or bachelor/bachelorette party!

What to expect with the in-person masterclass!...

  • It's FREE with the purchase of a kit

  • All participants get 2 FREE pints during class 

  • Groups of 3 or more get to choose any day besides Sunday

  • You don't need to bring anything. Everything will be ready for you

  • Why this online masterclass is the great!...

  • You can brew ANY kit that you have. Or you can just attend to take notes and ask questions

  • It's limited to 20 participants to make sure we can get to all of your questions

  • You're free to ask any question you want for the full brew class

  • Attend from the comfort of your own home!

  • What past attendees are saying about this class...

    "It was a lot of fun and my daughter and I had a new hobby to do together! Cheers to PPHS for a really fun and tasty experience!"

    Michelle Caru

    "My wife and I enjoyed a brew class with our friends. We had a great time and the girls went back for a ladies night. I think it’s the funnest date night to be had in town!"

    Dean Agee

    "I never thought this would be so much fun! The guys at PPHS are very knowledgeable and created a great experience!"

    Amanda Nichoal

    "It's a fun date night opportunity. Very fun, chill, relaxing and Tanner and Tyson are very knowledgeable. I look forward to doing it again!"

    Phil Johnson

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