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This event is for everyone who is interested in homemade beer, wine, cider or just likes to drink it! Whether you make anything yourself or not, your welcome and encouraged to come down for a fun filled night of laughter and drinks!

If you have something you made to bring for tasting and presenting, awesome! Can't wait to try it and have you here with us!

However, to participate in the actual swapping portion of the event, you will need to bring at least a 6 pack. That way we can ensure every one who does bring a 6 pack can leave with one...

So ideally, we encourage you to bring a 6 pack plus a few bottles you would like to present.

But if not, that's totally fine!

Please click the 'Sign Me Up' button to let us know you'll be there. It's not required to come, but it will really help us out in setting up the shop for the event.

Thank you and hope to see you there!


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The city of Okanogan's annual parade and block party will be taking place on Wednesday, December 1st! Our shop here on main street will be open for beer brewing and tasting during this time. Come on in to warm up and get a cold one!


Our First EVER mead tasting night will be held on Wednesday, December 8th! Whether you make mead or not, come on down to taste local brewer's mead and learn more about the process. Prizes will be handed out to crowd favorites and local honey will be for sale!

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