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Just how easy brewing can be...

Step 1

Choose Your Recipe  

Choose from our 12 tasty options. We know you'll like one of them

Step 2

Enjoy a Fun & Easy Brew Day

Brewing real beer couldn't be easier. We ensure you'll have a stress-free & fun experience

Step 3

Bottle Your Beer

Two weeks after you brew, it's time to bottle! Don't worry you just need bottles. Everything else comes with

Step 4

Relax, Drink & Be Amazed

You never thought it would turn out this good. We know. Now you're hooked!


The only method specifically engineered to learn.

No guessing. This is obvious.

Our goal is to inspire 1,000,000 people to brew their own beer! To do that, we needed to rethink what was currently available for people. We needed to make it easier and more fun so that new brewers would stay inspired.

These premium brew kits are the result of that...

Ditch the box packed full of confusion and screw having to measure your own ingredients on your first try.

It's time for something that's developed for ease. Something that forces you to focus solely on the process of brewing beer.

That way, you'll have no choice but to lock in precisely how to make your own moving forward.

Real ingredients for real beer.

You won't find any malt extracts or powder here. Only grain, yeast, real flavoring adjuncts and hops.

Extracts can be a good stepping stone, but truthfully, they're unnecessary.

Plus, a sticky mess that is a predetermined beverage. And after a few extract kits, you would still need to learn the real method to brewing. Might as well just get started and prosper.

There's really not much more to it...

Multiple ways to learn.

Don't like reading directions? Throw them out. Don't like taking notes? Don't. Not a fan of watching videos? Not a requirement.

No matter how you learn best, we've got you covered with all 3 major learning styles.

It's time to leave confusion at the door and lock this in for good.

Are you ready to give it a shot?

Take Me To The Kits!

Fresh Ingredients

Hand Made In The U.S

12 Recipes To Choose From

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Here's What New Brewers Have To Say...

"I have to be honest; your kit is freakin awesome! The instructions were straightforward to follow, especially for my first time brewing. I really love the kit, and the easy step by step detail on brewing made my process super enjoyable. I would also recommend this site for any first time homebrewer. I look very forward to my next batch, especially from PPHS. Thank you for making it so damn easy!"

– Albert

"This brew kit was awesome! The directions were super easy to understand/follow. I would highly recommend getting a brew kit and giving it a try. If you can read then your beer will turn out awesome just like mine did! 👍"

– Josh R

"The knowledge and chemistry from the PPHS guys was incredible! We started with the gallon and a half batch and that was fun. Not only was it fun, it turned out great! Now that we can do it, we’re moving up to 5 gallons."

– Edgar 

Why This Method & Bundle Is Such A Game Changer: 


  • Being overwhelmed was the the biggest reason people strayed from brewing. We answered. With the prosperous brewing method, you'll enjoy being walked through the brewing process like an empty Disneyland line.


  • ALL the ingredients are exactly measured out and packaged in order so you don't need to worry about it. Just open the next step and add it in!


  • Within the detailed instructions, we have taken the time to add numerous tips, tricks and suggestions so you'll be crystal clear on EVERYTHING.


  • Everything that comes with this kit is legit equipment that you'll use for future brews. Even when you upgrade... The hydrometer, bottling wand, thermometer and capper tool will be needed. Then the bucket is still perfect for your small batch fermenter!


  • Not everyone learns the same. So, along with great written instructions, you'll also see QR codes printed on every section that lead to a specific video for THAT STEP. As well as a workbook to use!


  • You shouldn't worry about everything during your first few batches. With this method, you only think about the brewing process in a proceduralized manner. Resulting in success early and confidence quickly.

Breaking it down...

Let's get into how this works...

All the ingredients you need to brew 1.5 gallons of beer on your stovetop come pre measured out in step by step packaging.

You’ll notice that every step is separated and labeled from 1 to done.

This is to guide you through the correct procedure without confusion or possibly skipping steps. 

You literally have to do the steps in order... If you miss a step. You WILL know it.

"I have tried many brew making kits over the years and yours is by far the best. The sequential presentation makes it super easy and repeatable. You really have to try to fail."

-Bill Black

Every section has a sticker with a short note and QR code. 

Each QR code will take you directly to a short informative video only for THAT EXACT STEP!

So whether you prefer to read directions, follow along and take notes or watch videos, we got you covered.

You'll be brewing your own beer in no time!

Alright! I'm Ready To Start!

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